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Lady Who Lunches @ Filmore and Union in Wetherby

I needed a quick lunch today in Wetherby and returned to Filmore and Union just off the market place. As usual it was busy and buzzy, with a nice mix of customers. There were young retireds, ladies who lunch and young couples.

They were all there to enjoy a fresh and exciting food and drink concept that focuses on pure, healthy and great tasting ingredients. Filmore and Union have official accreditation from Coeliac UK, so you can have peace of mind that their food is 100% gluten-free.

Several chairs at the natural wooden tables had a woolly throw, but I did not have time to linger and wrap myself up for the afternoon.

Cosy throw provided

I love their herbal infusion of fresh sage leaves with lemon and honey, which arrived in a neat white pot. Sage is an anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and cooling herb. Note: Not recommended for breastfeeding mothers or pregnant ladies.

I had the soup of the day – Carrot, lentil and kale, served with warm brown bread. So healthy!

Unfortunately I could not linger for cake but was tempted.

Tempting cakes

Tom, the manager, was friendly and it was good to observe that he employed a wide age range of staff who were both chatty and professional.

I must go back for dinner next time, maybe in York, Harrogate or Leeds.

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