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Tuesday is Riverford Day

Living in the country, and working from home limits my ability to nip to the shops at lunchtime. So not long after I moved from the city (Sheffield) I signed up to receive Riverford Organic Farm boxes delivered to my door. Ian Carr, who runs my local Riverford franchise from York, always delivers on Tuesday morning, with a smile, a chat and a hint or two on how best to use my produce this week.

The first good thing about the Riverford scheme is you choose how often you receive your boxes as well as which boxes you want or you can make your own. You can have the boxes delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I place my order online before Sunday evening and it is fun to choose my Tuesday ‘box’ from a selection of fruit, veg, dairy products, and meat or tempting essentials from the deli.

The fruit and veg are all organic and seasonal, with over 85% coming from local UK farms and orchards. Riverford have linked up with local farmers all over the UK so that I get the veg which is local to me and delivered fresh.

This week’s box included a small fruit bag

Small Fruit Bag

I need my regular intake of fruit and this fruit bag is filled with enough tasty fruit to keep 2 or 3 people satisfied for a week and always includes three different varieties of lovely fresh fruit.

I usually include semi skimmed milk in my order. The fresh milk is from Acorn Dairy’s pasture-reared cows. The Tweddle family at Acorn Dairy carefully source their milk from two farms: Garthorne Farm in Teesdale and Hallwith Farm in Wensleydale.

This week I have a tub of organic butternut squash and bacon chowder, handmade in the Riverford kitchen – more like a meal in a bowl.

I had been concerned about not being able to choose my own fruit and veg, but so far I have been impressed with the taste, quality, and freshness of my Tuesday ‘fix’.

What makes Riverford different? The Riverford box scheme began when Guy Watson started delivering vegetables to 30 local friends in Devon in 1987. They now deliver 47,000 boxes a week to homes around the UK from regional farms. 


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