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Bloom & Wild

Subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular with anything from food to beauty products being delivered to our doors and desks.

And what lady does not like receiving flowers?

To make sure I get a gift for myself, I took advantage of a subscription box from Bloom & Wild who are the UK’s first nationwide letterbox florist – flowers by post!

They arrive in a specially designed box that literally fits through the letter box.

Bloom&Wild box

The packaging that encloses the blooms themselves is lovely and little protective socks cover the flower heads so they arrive perfect.

Bloom & Wild sock

I then get to arrange them myself, but there are tips in the box for guidance.

This week my arrangement is inspired by the first rays of winter sunshine and comprises Rosano bronze bloom chrysanthemums, cream lisianthus, white stallion, gypsophila painted yellow and rhododendron leaves.

Bloom&Wild vase

Bloom & Wild offer three different collections: The Bright & Wild for £13.95, Chic & Wild for £16.95 and Luxe & Wild from £23.95.

I subscribe to the Bright & Wild collection and have chosen to have it delivered fortnightly, and free of charge.

I love the idea of finding a freshly packed bouquet of flowers on my doormat rather than just takeaway flyers and bills. Whether it’s a one-off treat or a regular thing, wouldn’t it be a lovely gift to send a friend or loved one?


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