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Rowsha Lebanese Restaurant

After several years of passing by and intending to visit, we finally enjoyed a relaxed family meal at Rowsha, a small Lebanese eatery in Walkley, an up and coming suburb of Sheffield.

This small takeaway/restaurant currently seats about 20, but is expanding into the property next door.

Our welcome was warm and friendly and the waitress was very patient while we poured over the menu.

While waiting for our food we counted about 15 electric lanterns hanging from the ceiling or attached to the walls. These lit up the red and white walls which had lots of mirrors as well as the lanterns.

Rowsha lantern

Lebanese cuisine temptingly offers a Mediterranean experience of taste and aroma. Fresh vegetables and ingredients; tabouleh, fattoush with olive oil, hoummous with tahini, aubergine paste, green beans, okra with tomato and garlic sauce, kidney beans, falafel and foul medamas … the menu goes on and on.

The highlights for us were Tzatziki, and Hoummous served in colourful pottery bowls, with baskets of warm Khobz, a Lebanese flat bread.

Rowsha tzatziki

Rowsha’s Tzatziki

Rowsha houmus

Rowsha’s Hoummous

I had Moussaka served with an interesting side dish of rice. The rice had been cooked with cinnamon giving it a sweet taste. Butter fried vermicelli noodles were added making a tasty and different side dish. Rowsha’s version of Moussaka was more like a stew, but full of Mediterranean flavour.

Rowsha mousaka

We also enjoyed Shish Taouk, marinated chicken cubes, moist with lovely smokey edges, served with Rowsha’s tomato sauce.

Rowsha chicken

To finish our meal we were presented with a surprise plate of Baklawa, a selection of mini Lebanese pastries.

After an unexpected delight of simple food cooked well, we will definitely be going back.

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