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Book Club

Reading is a solitary activity but when a book has moved or stimulated you it’s natural to want to discuss it with someone else. A book club gives you that opportunity. Also, a group encourages you to think a bit more about the books you read – why you like some, hate others.

New to my village I was thrilled to join the Book Club at my local pub, The Queen o’ t’ owd Thatch.

We meet on a monthly basis and occupy a cosy corner in the pub. Meeting monthly gives everyone a chance to get hold of the book selected. Interestingly a mix of readers use iPad, Kindle and the good old ‘hard copy’.

We take turns in picking a book which gives us the opportunity to read a wide range of authors and be introduced to some new ones. The person who has nominated this month’s book might then introduce it by saying why she chose it.

We talk about our reaction to the book we have just read – did we love it, loathe it or remain indifferent to it? Then we think about what the book is really about – its themes. Were the characters real? Who did we sympathise with? Is there a particularly memorable piece of writing or scene in the book? Does the book have a message? What does it tell you about the author? Does it remind you of anything else? Discussion can often be even more stimulating if we disliked a book!

Our group are all ages, a happy balance. Over the past few months we have become comfortable with each other, appreciating each other’s qualities and listening to thoughts.

The book we read last month was ‘Still Alice’ by Lisa Genova. The heart breaking and terrifying story of 50 year old Alice Howland, a brilliant Harvard professor, wife, and mother of three who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

Still Alice


I loved ‘Still Alice’ and can’t recommend it highly enough. It offers such insight and would make a wonderful gift for anyone touched by this devastating, incurable disease in some way. It speaks volumes about love and compassion.

The book we are now reading is ‘Us’ by David Nicholls.


I got my hard copy from Hive, bought online and delivered to my local independent shop.


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