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Natural Home Scents

The temperatures are going to drop this week, so it’s time to get cosy at home! Here’s a great way to make your whole house smell amazing.

First combine ingredients, like citrus and basil (fresh and clean)…


All you have to do is cover the ingredients with water and simmer on the stove—and voila! Your entire home will smell incredible. Great way to spend a cold day indoors.

Or vanilla and cinnamon??

Cinammon and vanilla

An idea for a festive Christmas atmosphere – I use an orange with cloves studded in it. Like this the whole house smells amazing and festive. I keep it on a plate by a window.


It’s partly why I love to bake so much in the cooler months. Fresh baked bread is the best smell but I made a shortcrust pastry quiche today – smoked ham, ricotta cheese and spinach.

Sunday quiche

That smells wonderful too, just in time for Sunday tea!

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