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Let’s do lunch…Smoke Barbecue

When looking for lunch in Sheffield city centre on the Monday before Christmas, the smell of BBQ curled through St Paul’s Place near the Winter Garden and enticed us to Smoke Barbecue.

Smoke BBQ7

Smoke is Sheffield’s first Texas-style BBQ, where the meat is rubbed with spices, smoked slowly on the premises in shiny metal smokers then finished off in the pit, a hickory wood-fired barbecue which takes pride of place in the kitchen.

The cavern look is industrial with concrete floors, brick walls, exposed metal ducting, tables from pallets and barrels, school chairs and planks dangling from the ceiling, each with a strip light attached.

Smoke came about when co-founder Sean Gregory saw an item about Texan BBQs on telly and liked the idea so much he went to the Lone Star State to research bringing one over here.

For a carnivore, the menu makes your lips smack, with burgers, brisket, pulled pork, barbecued chicken, pork and beef ribs, turkey legs, hot link sausages but, oddly, no steaks or chops.

So today we did lunch – Pulled Pork Butty, pork rubbed, pit smoked and coated in sauce which came with a smattering of chips and a small portion of pickled ‘slaw. The bottle of ‘sweet with a bit of heat BBQ sauce’, was a perfect fit for our lunch.

Smoke BBQ5

And a side order of Mac & Cheese – so indulgent! Vegetables don’t get much of a showing on the menu.

Smoke BBQ3

Fentiman’s ginger beer came ready to be poured into a jam jar with a handle – different.

Smoke BBQ4

Christmas shopping beckoned so no time for a pud, maybe next time we will be tempted from the absurdly moreish selection on the chalk board.

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