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New Year in London

Happy New Year!

Grey Goose flew south from North Yorkshire to celebrate the New Year in London. Of course there was tea drinking, some strolling, some sightseeing, staying on a yacht hotel, and contemplating goals for 2015.

Sunborn Yacht Hotel at Royal Victoria Dock

A new and novel way to stay in the Docklands area, is on this graceful yacht with full propulsion but designed to be permanently moored. The approach to the yacht is rather grand as it sits there overlooking Excel Square, in rather a funky location. The staff were impeccably dressed and welcoming, top-notch accommodation. The venue was spotless and gleaming and perfect for seeing in the New Year. At midnight we were surrounded by fireworks across the river.





New Year1

Visit to Tower Bridge on New Year’s Eve

Spanning the North and South Towers, the high-level walkways, 42 metres above the Thames are reached by a lift. Note: Long queue!


There are spectacular views of the Shard, the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the City from the West Walkway, and the Docklands, Canary Wharf and Greenwich from the East Walkway.

New Year3 New Year5

Looking through the glass floor to the road below was just a quick glimpse for me!

Tower Bridge

Tea drinking

After visiting Tower Bridge we had to take advantage of a reviving rest at Perkin Reveller, a busy restaurant and cafe which sits on the Thames Wharf outside of the tower, but is actually part of the Tower of London estate.


Lovely camomile tea, supplied by Rare Tea Co

Visit to the Museum of London Docklands on New Year’s Day


After a late start on New Year’s Day, we took the DLR to see this interesting museum tucked in the heart of the business district housed on Canary Wharf. Besides having a cafe of course, the dockside building houses several wonderful galleries where you can discover the story of the world’s greatest trading city. This building in East India Dock was originally a tea warehouse where tea from the tea clippers arriving from China and India, would be unloaded, weighed and stored before going to the auction houses. I love the old tea chests!


And now I am back in my nest in North Yorkshire, time to think about my goals for 2015!


I’d love to hear about yours?

May you have a year that is filled with love, laughter, brightness and hope.

Wishing you a lovely New Year.

G ∼♥∼ G


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