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January in the Garden

When I migrated back to North Yorkshire, a garden was on the ‘must have’ list, where I could get back to nature and enjoy being outdoors. But I didn’t want to be tied to home with a grass cutting routine in the summer months, so my new garden had to be low maintenance but full of greenery.


So this is how it began a year and a half ago. With a little help from of a local landscape gardener, we came up with a plan….raised patio, and sleeper beds, and a gravel path leading to an imaginary place!

Garden2 Garden5 Garden8 Garden7

This little courtyard garden is evolving, as gardens do, and here it is in January.

Garden January 20th

It looks a bit empty and I sometimes feel the urge to rush to the garden centre and fill it up! But gardens, like life, cannot be full throttle, all bells and whistles all the time otherwise we (and they) would very soon become exhausted husks. So a bit of down time, and no great urgency to get out and garden!

But I did see a little life this week – a Hellebores Niger, also known as Christmas Rose, which flowers through the darkest months of winter.


It is always a little surprise to see where the bulbs will be appearing quite soon, as I never remember where I planted them a couple of autumns ago!

G ∼♥∼ G

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