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Samuel Valentine – Urban Food Hall and Cafe

Samuel Valentine – Cheesemonger, butcher, wine merchant, delicatessen and bistro café – Allerton Bywater, near Castleford!

This is my newly discovered place to visit for a relaxed and civilised lunch or brunch. Just not quite the location I would have expected for this busy urban food hall, on a main road through an old mining village, but a very pleasant surprise.

Allerton Bywater1

This is a new venture by Cryer & Stott’s and is named after the directors two children Samuel and Valentine. I also discovered when I was searching for Yorkshire cheeses, that Cryer & Stott’s have had a chain of Yorkshire cheese shops since 1998 when they first opened a stall on Wakefield market.

Back to Samuel Valentine – the food hall has a section of delicious looking artisan breads, a butcher displaying homemade sausages who was offering plenty of samples, pies and more pies and a deli counter and a whole counter of…cheeses!

Allerton Bywater7 Allerton Bywater4

There in the middle of the clean and airy building is the café, with comfortable chairs where you can sit and admire the pile of freshly made scones and cakes, with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and of course they serve loose leaf teas!

Allerton Bywater6

And right in the centre of the food hall is a quirky ‘minibar’, filled with racks of wine and local traditional beers. A genuine Mini!!!

Allerton Bywater5 Allerton Bywater8

A small area of tasteful gifts greats you as you enter the building followed by plenty of shelves stacked with local produce. I was so relieved to find a local stockist of my favourite sauce, Henderson’s Relish. Phew! I was beginning to miss my spicy Sheffield sauce since moving North.

Allerton Bywater3

If you are planning a trip to the Castleford area or nearby Fairburn Ings to do a spot of bird watching, this a definitely a place to visit for a cuppa and food.

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