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Riverford Recipe Box – Love Cooking

I have been a customer of Riverford Organic Farms for nearly two years now, so I was very pleased when Ian Carr, my local Riverford veg man, delivered my first Riverford Recipe Box.


So, let’s see what Riverford has to offer in one of its Quick Recipe Boxes.


Riverford recipe boxes are very easy to use, have minimal waste, include recyclable packaging and three quick, tasty recipes. It’s easy to see on the website what each week’s box contains and there is ample allergen advice, so that those with specific dietary needs can avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Packed full of fresh, organic vegetables and meat, and all dry ingredients needed for each recipe, this box is not only convenient but also cuts down on waste. It allows you to try ingredients you might not otherwise have tried, in small quantities without having to invest in a whole bottle/box of something.

Each recipe provides clear instructions for the chef. The Quick Recipe Box, implies that recipes included should take under thirty minutes, but some did take me a little longer.

Bacon, Kale & Perl Las Blue Linguine


The unsmoked lardons included with this recipe were flavourful and a firm texture. The cheese was from Welsh cheesemakers Caws Cenarth, so soft and creamy.

Mushroom & Chickpea Stew with broccoli


The dried mushrooms included were full of flavour and re-hydrating them in boiling water produced a simple, tasty stock.

Chicken Gumbo

This Gumbo, made with chicken thighs was meant to be a heavily seasoned stew-like dish, but I found it a little lacking in flavour.

I now have three new recipes with recipe cards, to add to my repertoire!

Overall these are great, healthy, well balanced meals, perfect for two, or can last me two days! And are great for busy people.

Ian and Ann-Marie offer great customer service and I will definitely order more recipe boxes.

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