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A Stitch A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Knit one. Purl one. Knit one. Purl one. Knit one. Purl one. The rhythmic and repetitive nature of knitting is calming, comforting and contemplative.

Some have called knitting “the new yoga.”


Deciding I needed some therapy, I have given knitting a try and made a super sweater as you will see below.


I also discovered a few of the many benefits of knitting. Next time you’re feeling low, grab your needles for some instant happiness.

Men as well!!


While male knitters are still in a minority, retailers report the gender gap is closing. John Lewis has seen a “massive increase” in men shopping for wool in Sheffield, where men outnumbered women at a recent knitting event. It’s not really surprising that men are knitting, as sailors used to knit, and men and women knitted garments for soldiers during the Second World War.

Knitting helps relieves stress

When you are focused on knitting, and counting stitches your mind can’t squeeze in those everyday problems, and that brings a feeling of calm which can reduce blood pressure.

Knitting is meditative

Thinking about how much focus is required to do a simple knit stitch alone, even though you may feel like you’re on autopilot, especially as a seasoned knitter, your brain is still telling your hands how to make a stitch. Insert the needle through the loop, wrap the wool, pull the wool through, drop the stitch – all this requires a meditative focus

Knitting keeps you socially active

Knitting offers plenty of opportunities for socialising. Maybe attending a regular knitting group (a bit like a Book Club) or having a few friends round to knit, it gives you the chance to connect, which as we know, benefits our health.

Knitting keeps your fingers nimble – even if you have arthritis

If you have arthritis, knitting can actually improve dexterity in your hands and fingers. The Arthritis Foundation suggests approaching knitting like a sport, warming up your hands before you get started. Sticking with it and you can see more long term benefits and less pain when it comes to arthritis.

I do like online shopping (its living in a village that gives me that excuse!) and recently discovered this edgy cool brand of knitting, a far cry from the homespun image usually associated with knitting.

Wool and the Gang

Everything they sell has a quirky spin on it, from the names of the yarns (Crazy Sexy Wool, because you can knit crazy things and knitting is so tactile, sensuous and, well, sexy) to the idea of Gang Makers.


My DIY jumper kit arrived in a paper bag, with an easy to follow pattern, knitting needles, sewing needles and wool.


The whole thing is just right for a generation of women and men who have become interested in the integrity and provenance of their clothes, as well as in rediscovering something that mothers and grandmothers had done, which was making stuff.

Ongoing therapy, I’m ready to start my next project from WATG.


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