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Candy Pink

This week these candy pinks entered my world that have




The colours are so blooming gorgeous and spring has felt like a long time coming!

Post Easter now and the sun is out, so I feel the ‘is it nearly spring yet?’ has finally arrived.


First up – the duvet coat has now been hung in the back of the wardrobe and its time to wear this candy scoop neck knit from the Love Me Tender, Love Me Forever range by Mint Velvet.  They do the best take on simple pieces, smart but casual and comfy. This top with the exposed stitching down the back, made its way into my wardrobe in autumn and have loved bringing it into spring.


Next this GOR-GE-OUS nail colour.  OPI  polish colours are beautiful and this is no exception.  It went on yesterday for the first time and I have to say – I love it as a perfect midpoint between orange and red.  Some polishes look old a few hours after application, however OPI have such a great finish they look like a professional job.  This colour’s called Princesses Rule, a bright sparkly pink that’s tiara worthy.

I bought the top and nail polish from John Lewis in York.


Finally, these tulips from M&S


On a day when a little pick-me-up was needed, these tulips and a cup of rose coloured, fragrant tea from The Lawn Tea did just the trick and have brought a lot of smiles. Bloomin lovely!

G ∼♥∼ G

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