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June in the Garden

Summer arrives


This month we are at the end of Spring and beginning of Summer. The longest day is on the 21st, and the extra light and warmth encourages the garden to put on an exuberant burst of growth. But this extra light and warmth also means weeds have sprouted up from seemingly nowhere. But my raised beds are now full of planted colours and that vibrant greenness of newness.

In My Garden






In Your Garden

Plant out your hanging baskets and tubs now the risk of frost has passed. It’s a good idea to give your containers a weekly feed so they get all the nutrients they need.

Thin out hardy annuals such as poppies, stocks, lupins and cornflowers to prevent them overtaking beds.

Stake perennials if they begin to look like they need a little help.

Lift and store bulbs for next year. I have to add I’ve never done this before but am considering doing this as the leaves are looking really tatty now.

If like me you’ve planted sweet peas they should begin to flower by the end of the month (though everything in my sheltered garden is around three weeks late this year). They flourish when the flowers are picked so be sure to fill your home with the frothy blooms.

Deadhead roses to encourage more blooms. I’ve read to snap them off just below the head which apparently makes new flowers appear quicker. I’ll be testing this out this month.

At some stage in June, your garden, like mine, will be a glorious affair full of scent and soft flower.

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