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August in the Garden

Sultry late summer

The garden still looks like a summer garden. Lots of colour, height and spreading with the plants fighting for their place, things going over, and a few second flushes of flowering. And my dear ‘goose’ is happy in her place!

After a dry and warm start to the month, there have been heavy showers during the last week and that has seen an end to nightly watering.

I was fortunate on the 12th to sit in the garden, all wrapped up about 11.15pm, and saw the Perseid meteor shower – well I only saw about four meteors but they were exciting to see!!


Using lots of pots in my courtyard garden does have benefits. I love to put them in groups of various size pots and I can move them around as often as I like. It takes a lot of effort to get the natural look! Then after I’ve got the perfect effect I can move them all around again, when a plant goes over, not looking its best or I’ve got something new I want to show off. I prefer the old fashioned terracotta pots now, they suit the garden well and age quite quickly, going green and mossy.

To bring a bit of class to the garden, I just love these from Yorkshire Flowerpots, and I have seen them in the poshest and also the simplest of gardens.

In My Garden

My stars this month are my Agapanthus, blue ones snug in amongst the blue/purple border, and new white ones tucked in the white/yellow border.


Aug 1

In Your Garden

Prune Wisteria

Deadhead flowering plants regularly

Watering!! Particularly containers, and new plants, preferably with grey recycled water or stored rainwater

Collect seed from favourite plants

Keep ponds and water features topped up

Boring but vital. Keep on top of weeds in borders, the vegetable garden and all your pots and containers. Little and often will reduce what will become a Herculean task if left to spiral out of control

Trim back lavender and rosemary after flowering without cutting too far into the old wood.

Keep hedges neat and under control for both their appearance and good relations with the neighbours!

The most important thing this month is to enjoy your garden; heady scents, glorious colours, an abundance of fruits and vegetables and hopefully more sunshine. What could be more enjoyable and satisfying than surveying the results of your hard work throughout the year?

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