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Afternoon Tea at Wood Hall

There can be few better ways to spend a Monday afternoon in Yorkshire than sharing afternoon tea with lovely friends at Wood Hall, near Wetherby.

Wood Hall

Wood Hall2

As we turned onto the long drive, we could just glimpse the golden stone of Wood Hall in the distance. All that separates you is acre upon acre of rolling Yorkshire countryside.

Wood Hall3

Originally built as a country escape for the Vavasour family, Wood Hall Hotel and Spa remains a place where today’s pressures seem an age away. Ever since the house was completed in 1750, it has been a place of peace and relaxation. Even today, the house stands next door to a Carmelite monastery, home to a silent order of nuns.

Wood hall14

Wood Hall10

Wood hall11

From the moment we arrived, the house felt like ours to enjoy. We stepped into the Drawing Room, felt like kicking off our shoes and curling up with a book (We did meet each other at our village book club!). But we were here to celebrate a birthday and have the signature champagne afternoon tea.

Wood Hall7

It was served in the traditional three-tiered way, finger sandwiches on the bottom tier, freshly baked and still warm scones on the middle tier, with clotted cream and jam on the side.

Wood Hall8

The last gorgeous tier contained a few very good cakes.

Wood Hall4

The choice of loose leaf teas was limited but Darjeeling goes well with scones and cake.

Wood Hall5

One of us requested a lighter option and Wood Hall staff were happy to cater for special dietary needs – no guilt felt by the other two!

Julia Wood Hall

Wood hall9

The friendly staff were quiet, polite and allowed us the pleasure of several hours of relaxing girly gossip.

Now, where shall we go next time we have a spare afternoon?

G ∼♥∼ G

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