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Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium

I just love to find a food store that sells everything that features Yorkshire somewhere on its journey to the plate.

Mr Pickles2

And this unassuming and classy shop, Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium, situated on the corner of Abbeydale and St Ronan’s Road in Sheffield is just this. A treasure trove of food greets you when you walk inside.


The produce is laid out in a spacious, calm, welcoming ambience. No rows to navigate or unnecessary advertising here.

Run by Paul Widdowson and his team of knowledgeable food lovers, Mr Pickles’ offers customers the chance to eat local at every meal.


Mr Pickles stocks a range of meat, fish, dairy products, fruit & veg as well as artisan breads and beers, wines & spirits.  Everything sold in store is from Yorkshire:  from beef to buffalo, cheese to chorizo, lemongrass to lemon tart ice cream.


I found the staff really friendly and welcoming. I loved the free recipes to pick up, printed on recycled brown paper.

I was pleased to see Dungworth Farm’s ‘Our Cow Molly’ milk being stocked when the supermarkets are driving the humble dairy farmer out of business.


They stock chicken from Loose Birds based in Harome and pork from Anna’s Happy Trotters. Beef and lamb is from Firs Farm on Ringinglow Road in Sheffield. I bought a salmon cut of beef that came wrapped in the old fashioned traditional paper and string – so nostalgic, and it made a delicious roast dinner this weekend.



Rows of beers included Magic Rock from Huddersfield, Northern Monk from Leeds and North Union from Sheffield.

Lottie Shaw


There was also a well-stocked range of convenience foods including pizza from Box Pizza, curry sauces from Really Indian, fresh soups from The Good Soup Company and Lottie Shaws biscuits and cakes for when feeling peckish.

Sheff Honey

One of my favs is Sheffield Honey, which has long been a companion to my mug of green tea. And now, they sell a range of rebranded Tea Box loose leaf teas – another Yorkshire treasure.

Mr Pickles is a fine fixture in the Abbeydale Road community.  Encouraging you to pop in on the way home to get the freshest produce, their opening hours are pretty good for a local store. Open an impressive seven days a week from 8am until 8pm.

I suggest you pop along to this one-stop Yorkshire shop when in Sheffield.

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  1. We are really proud to supply our #SuperFreshMilk to Mr Pickles, we deliver it to their shop straight from our cows.
    The bottles & labels are also made in Sheffield so it’s a great way to support 3 local businesses with one purchase plus you get fresher milk 🙂


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