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February 2016: I’m Loving

It’s the first ‘I’m Loving’ of 2016 and whilst we love our luxury, none of these will cost any more than £9…read on!


Firstly, I think spring is on its way! Soon! Very soon. The sun was out today and I needed to get out and walk. Sunshine and fresh air clears my head and I end up wondering why I spend so much time at my desk. I’ve used this GPS walking app, Runkeeper, for several years in an effort to encourage me to walk my way back to health. I know it was originally developed to keep runners on track, but it’s great for encouraging me to monitor my walking sessions, and tell me how many calories I’ve used, AND, I can connect to Spotify so have music at the same time. The basic app is free, whoopee!


Second up, a ‘chance find’ I’ve been loving – Boots BB Lips.

As someone who always wears a gloss, I’ve tried a few over the years.  Most are amazing but having got to the end of a fav (ok rant time, do you ever actually get to the end? no because you can’t reach the end can you! Rant over), as I was in Boots, saw these so made a quick purchase.  The ‘BB’ bit I still don’t get in all the products these days but regardless, the gloss is fantastic!

No 72

Non-sticky, covers and lasts well and is SPF15 – great for those holidays in the sun where you’re going to need good SPF so I bought three colours (plus there was 3 for 2 on…bargain!).


Finally music. I LOVE my music and have been after some new easy-listening for a while. Jack Savoretti, a long time love of mine, ‘Written in Scars’, fits the bill and is one of those, ‘the more you listen, the more you like’.  Have a look on iTunes here.  I love most of the songs on the album, ‘Tie-me-down’ has a good ole Irish shin-dig feel which I love.

Have a great weekend people!

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