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Farm Bistro Harrogate

I love getting out for lunch with my daughter, and sharing the experience of ‘ladies who lunch’ is becoming a most delightful habit.

Harrogate is becoming a treasure trove of indie delights for us to explore, they keep popping up in unexpected locations.

We just can’t resist locally sourced and made with love – and sourdough bread plus lunch attracted us to Farm Bistro, up the stairs above its own bread shop, in the centre of Harrogate.




Owner Vanora and family hail from Leeds, and have created childhood memories of growing up on a farm both in the design and food, a nostalgic feeling of warmth, well-being and security.


This lunchtime the place was buzzing with chatter and we did have to wait a little for a table for two. The staff were friendly and smiley – a winning combination.


The menus include breakfast, posh toast all day, salads and specials.

They only use homemade sourdough bread for their toast, made from a naturally cultured leaven with love by Vanora. Did you know? Sourdough bread has very little gluten if any due to the fermentation process.


Drinks menu included local craft beers, white, red, rose, and orange wines as well as fizz. Plus a good selection of loose leaf teas (No Tea Box teas on sale sadly).


There was a lovely selection of homemade cakes to tempt us, gluten free included, but we were good girls today.

This is a place I want to return, maybe for a dinner date or Sunday lunch….soon!

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