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Going Swiss:Loved it

September: Has been and almost gone but what warmth and sunshine we have enjoyed.

Recovery: Well on the way, not as fast as I would like, but slow is best.


Retirement: Is going OK, and started with a great emotional and fun BBQ (on the only wet day in September) for friends and family and ex-colleagues. Everyone contributed to a Retirement Bucket List for me, and it’s going to be fun working through them. I might just share a few here as I tick them off!

The first one was to travel first class, and enjoy a new city, so off I went by train to Zurich to meet an Australian friend that I had not seen for 35 years. Did we talk and walk??? Oh yes!




What did I love about Zurich and Switzerland?

Clean streets

Gorgeous, good looking people


Mega efficient trains, trams and buses and boats



img_3656 img_3655 img_3652 img_3650 img_3638

Sitting in awe of so many Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Braque originals in the art gallery in Zurich. A great place to spend a wet day.

Bircher muesli ( watch this space for a recipe soon)


Cows and their bells


Waking up to seeing the Eiger from under its north face



The Red Cross


Stunning views from the loo

My bucket list continues: Take a photo every day, and put together a family cook book, and write here once a week, and grow old with someone I love, and visit New Zealand, and get a driving licence for a pram……

And there are sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything, other than just being grateful.

♥∼ G

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