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Nidd Wick Farm

You’ve probably heard of vegetable boxes, but why not get your meat treats delivered to your door too? They’re a great way of ensuring meat traceability, as well as making sure you get really tasty meat without having to travel for it.

I recently met Tim MacLean, a lawyer turned farmer at York Food Festival.  He has 20 native Longhorn cattle in his fields on the banks of the River Nidd, at Nidd Wick farm near Knaresborough in North Yorkshire and has now introduced a beef box scheme. His cows live outdoors all year round, are grass fed, have hay in winter and then go on to calve in the spring.

Choosing from either a small taster box or a family sized box, each box will contain a selection of sirloin and rump steaks, roasting joints topside and silverside, braising steak, casserole and mince.

I have recently been cooking up some Nidd Wick beef dishes in my kitchen


The mince for a great chilli con carne,

Nidd Wick Roast Beef

the succulent and deep flavoured roast beef for Sunday lunch,

and a mid-week dinner of Jamie Oliver’s Beef and Guinness stew.

Without doubt the most flavourful beef I have eaten, no more watery supermarket beef for me!

Dinner anyone?

Tim and his wife Jo sell their meat at local markets in Yorkshire and at Food Festivals in the area. Box orders can be placed by calling 07816328677 or by email:

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