Month: November 2016

November in North Yorkshire

I’ve just come back from a bit of a retreat. I get this urge now and again to go to the seaside and I jump at the chance of a visit to see the sea, more so now that I live 70 miles inland. I was thrilled to join a dear friend 70th birthday celebrations at The Star Inn, Harome, which is just outside Helmsley. And then I was even more excited to combine a hop over the North Yorkshire Moors to Sandsend to curb my craving for the sight of the North sea. See what you think…….I love this bit of North Yorkshire, even in dull and damp November. And I even managed a misty and sunny peep over The Vale of York from Sutton Bank on the very edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. A treat like this is just what you need before the run up to Christmas.    


Moving from autumn to winter has happened in one week, in my garden anyway. It was comforting to bring indoors the very last rose of the year. And then there was a visit to a Christmas Fair at Harewood House that gave me some inspiration to move the outdoors – indoors. I met Bert Blankers, a delightful Dutch guy who is also a bulb specialist, who fuelled my enthusiasm to bring some greenery and life into my house for winter. So let’s watch these ‘paper whites’ brighten up my hall in the run up to Christmas. I remember the traditional amaryllises that in Christmases of old you would buy for the aged Aunt who had everything. Well, I have bought myself a white amaryllis bulb, so there is something else to water, nurture and watch over the next few weeks. Black tulips bulbs were on offer, so these are now planted in the garden for a spring surprise. And I have a few more exciting events coming soon……Greygoose family, and her gosling have a new …

The Cafe at Field and Fawcett

After a decade as a successful wine merchant and delicatessen, this summer Field & Fawcett opened the doors to a new café. Located at Grimston Bar, on Hull Road, and close to the A64 from Leeds to Scarborough, it is perfectly located for some luxury en route. Always eager to enjoy my new pastime, Ladies who Lunch, I was curious to check out the new café, and see if it lived up to the high standards and reputation of the existing shop. Having to walk through the retail area to reach the café is an excellent marketing tool, with over 1000 bottles of wine and spirits to pore over. On first impressions the interior is cool and simple, leaving the details to shine through with the beautiful, convincingly vintage-style crockery. We were greeted by attentive staff who were confident in answering our questions. The Tart of the Day, leek and blue cheese, was flavoursome, and served with the three salads I had chosen. Apple celery and walnut, couscous, and lemon dressed courgette with pumpkin seeds …