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Reinvention: Sewing corner

Years and years of sewing in the dining room or at the kitchen table, getting everything out, then having to put it all away (even when the project wasn’t finished yet) — never having a sewing room of my own, finally changed recently when I had an oak work surface and cupboards fitted creating a sewing corner.


I am still having fun deciding on knobs for the cupboards.


And as it is a dark corner, loving this lamp.


It’s upstairs in my office and now filled with fabric, my sewing machine, sewing baskets, the scissors I never use for anything but fabric, my pin cushions, everything in one place. I can get out my projects now and just leave them out until they’re done!


When I was young, all of my “creative ways” went into sewing. I remember being perched on an armchair, next to my mum who showed me how to knit; or how to sew, on the old black Singer that was always up in the corner of our kitchen; how to crochet, and embroider, all the needle arts…but the sewing and the knitting really stayed with me. I even developed the knack of crochet. My Mum and I always had sewing or knitting projects and in the days before telly we would enjoy winter nights by the fire making things!!


I have kept some things from my Mums sewing basket after she died.

But where sewing really started to get fun was when I began making things for my home… sewing curtains and cushion covers, tea cosies, and pin cushions. I even made my own clothes for many years in the Mary Quant era! I did make a patch work cushion for my Mum for her 80th birthday, for my son and daughter on their birthdays of note. Which brings me to the here and now, and I want to sew a patchwork quilt for my Grandson. My visionary project is to make a cot quilt, smart and cool enough for him to treasure and maybe take to Uni when he is 18!


So, that is the driving force for my newly created sewing corner, built by my Grandsons Daddy.


A cot quilt is work in progress!


  1. If your sewing corner gives you as much pleasure as mine does you will lose yourself there. I cannot believe how long I can spend in mine and not having to clear everything away every time makes it all so much easier. Enjoy. X


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