Month: March 2017

Book Club: Dinner Club

A new dinner club has evolved from my local book club. We have been meeting recently, keeping off the topic of our latest book club read, and getting to know some independent places to eat that are local to us, in our special corner of Yorkshire, that has borders on both North and West counties. So that gives us scope for many dinner experiences and we welcome friends and partners too on these foodie nights. So here are a couple of our recommendations, one in West Yorkshire, just off the M62, and the second in a suburb of Leeds just to the south of the city. Aldo’s Pizzeria in Cleckheaton It’s well over thirty years since Aldo’s pitched up on Dewsbury Road in Cleckheaton. At the time – 1983 – it must have been quite a risk. So being the first Italian restaurant in a town not thought at the time to be wildly cosmopolitan (its part of the Heavy Woollen District of Yorkshire) must have been doubly nerve wracking. However, 34 years down the …

Boeuf Bourguignon: Slow cooker style

It’s officially Spring! And it still feels like winter and I like having that ‘hunker down’ feeling. Yes! I go on about it a lot, but winter really is my favourite time of the year. I tend to invest more of my time in cooking than I do during the summer months. I love to rediscover old favourites, and I’m not just talking my own favourites either, but the ones my mum used to cook. Add to that stews are always high on my list of comfort foods when it is still cold and dark outside and you begin to get the idea. Combining an old favourite with the comfort factor can only mean one thing for me: boeuf bourguignon. Basically, it’s a slow cooked beef and red wine stew full of flavours that bring back childhood memories. I’ve come late to slow cooking and recently introduced to it by my now grown up children. You don’t even need to spend hours in the kitchen! Take a relatively short time to prepare it all and then just let …

It’s Spring

Oh the weather has SO changed has it not? Can’t wait to share some gorgeous pics of the best of our countryside with you, photography course coming up!! I’m trying to mix up my posts a little (I know – living on the edge!) with ‘what I’m loving this week’ and Sundays’ will be more of a feature post. Time restraints, life, reinventing myself, and delights of being a Granny are all responsible so we’re just going with the flow! So, where do I start? Today I’m indulging in a post about loving this Spring sunshine with a flavour of March in my garden. Handsome Helleborus Really loving this new Yorkshire Flowerpot planted up with garlic from The Garlic Farm. Just wait for an update on my garlic pot! Greygoose is smiling and enjoying the first of this years sunshine in her garden! ∼♥∼