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In a nutshell: June was travel

Yes, I’ve been travelling the last few weeks, and I’m beginning to get a little bit confident in believing that my travel mojo is back!

When your confidence gets squashed after several years of being ill, you tread a very cautious line in believing that life can return to anything like normal again, and adapt is what I am learning to do.

So……where have I been??

I’m going to do full posts on my trip later, but it falls into three adventures, so watch out for my posts in the coming days.

A voyage (not a cruise) across the North Atlantic on board Cunard Queen Mary 2 (known as QM2), including the dramatic rescue of a lone sailor, followed by a day stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And then the ultimate – a biggie ticked off my retirement bucket list – to sail into New York at dawn!!

A whistle stop foodie tour of New York in four hours.

And discovering the lifestyle in a lovely part of New England, with a little food and history thrown in. And an interesting stay in an Airbnb house!

Something I now try and tell myself ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever’.



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