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Little House Redecoration

The redecoration of my little house was never going to be a quick process, who ever said retirement was boring, it’s a case of doing as much as I can, when, and if I can.

A new build house has the benefits of being low maintenance for at least ten years, but four years in, the ‘almond white’ walls are needing a refresh with paint!

My bedroom had a refresh a couple of years ago, and I’m liking Dulux ‘chiffon white’ with a flat matt finish. A small house needs light and white to create a sense of space to make it appear bigger than it really is. I’m keeping my blue and white theme with a touch of grey maintaining a Scandi feel…. I do so like cool and calm and neutral.

In my lounge I’m keeping my sofa bed for welcome visitors and l will bring in some new pictures for the walls.


I have found a Swedish company – Desenio, whose products are so reasonably priced to start with, means you can really go to town on accessorising your space with illustration, typography or photographic based prints. So much choice!

I do quite fancy a chandelier, just like the photo here, but that is maybe over the top and I’m sure tall guests will bang their heads on the crystals!

The problem with a small house, is, SPACE, and very little of it. So I’ve done my best to create room for my decorator to get on with his work. His project is to paint the walls and ceilings of my lounge, hall, stairs and landing, followed on with refreshing my office.

In a couple of weeks, I am having new flooring downstairs, so I have to get cracking.

And I think this rug will then blend in perfectly, don’t you think?

This is my August!



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