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Boeuf Bourguignon: Slow cooker style

It’s officially Spring! And it still feels like winter and I like having that ‘hunker down’ feeling. Yes! I go on about it a lot, but winter really is my favourite time of the year. I tend to invest more of my time in cooking than I do during the summer months. I love to rediscover old favourites, and I’m not just talking my own favourites either, but the ones my mum used to cook. Add to that stews are always high on my list of comfort foods when it is still cold and dark outside and you begin to get the idea. Combining an old favourite with the comfort factor can only mean one thing for me: boeuf bourguignon. Basically, it’s a slow cooked beef and red wine stew full of flavours that bring back childhood memories. I’ve come late to slow cooking and recently introduced to it by my now grown up children. You don’t even need to spend hours in the kitchen! Take a relatively short time to prepare it all and then just let …

Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire should be celebrated 365 days a year, however we have to settle for 1st August, but why? August 1st was chosen as it has special significance in the County’s history. On this date in 1759, soldiers in Yorkshire regiments who had fought in the battle of Minden in Germany, picked roses from the nearby fields as a tribute to their fallen comrades. Yorkshire Day started the night before for me with a scrumptious 6 course tasting menu at my local award-winning pub, the Queen o’t’ owd Thatch in South Milford, celebrating food from England’s greatest county. This is my celebration of Yorkshire Day showcasing my special places in this, UK’s largest fantastic county, Yorkshire I love spotting these delightful ‘Mouseman’ mice carved in oak all over Yorkshire, lots in Ampleforth Abbey, and this one I found on the bar at the Black Swan at Oldstead while I was on my Michelin adventure. And the yummiest of sauces – Henderson’s Relish Happy Yorkshire Day G ∼♥∼ G

Samuel Valentine – Urban Food Hall and Cafe

Samuel Valentine – Cheesemonger, butcher, wine merchant, delicatessen and bistro café – Allerton Bywater, near Castleford! This is my newly discovered place to visit for a relaxed and civilised lunch or brunch. Just not quite the location I would have expected for this busy urban food hall, on a main road through an old mining village, but a very pleasant surprise. This is a new venture by Cryer & Stott’s and is named after the directors two children Samuel and Valentine. I also discovered when I was searching for Yorkshire cheeses, that Cryer & Stott’s have had a chain of Yorkshire cheese shops since 1998 when they first opened a stall on Wakefield market. Back to Samuel Valentine – the food hall has a section of delicious looking artisan breads, a butcher displaying homemade sausages who was offering plenty of samples, pies and more pies and a deli counter and a whole counter of…cheeses! There in the middle of the clean and airy building is the café, with comfortable chairs where you can sit and …