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January Soother – Ginger, Lemon and Honey

It’s January and if you’re anything like me, you will feel slightly drab. That sluggish feeling that clothes are just slightly too tight, a touch too tired and spring is an awful long way off. Something needs to be done about it, right? A little bit of inner cleansing maybe, nothing drastic, just some small changes. This is not the time for salads, but giving our systems a little bit of a break is a good idea, and staying warm and cosy has to be a priority at this time of the year. So, what could be better than enjoying a nice, hot cuppa? I’m not talking about a cup of builders brew, something a little healthier, and something that will help your system to recover from all those chocolates, biscuits, turkey sandwiches and alcohol. Here are a few herbs and ingredients that will help you on the way, and will hopefully give you some of your pre-Christmas bounce back. Ginger has healing and detoxifying properties which help to cleanse the built up toxins in …

Natural Home Scents

The temperatures are going to drop this week, so it’s time to get cosy at home! Here’s a great way to make your whole house smell amazing. First combine ingredients, like citrus and basil (fresh and clean)… All you have to do is cover the ingredients with water and simmer on the stove—and voila! Your entire home will smell incredible. Great way to spend a cold day indoors. Or vanilla and cinnamon?? An idea for a festive Christmas atmosphere – I use an orange with cloves studded in it. Like this the whole house smells amazing and festive. I keep it on a plate by a window. It’s partly why I love to bake so much in the cooler months. Fresh baked bread is the best smell but I made a shortcrust pastry quiche today – smoked ham, ricotta cheese and spinach. That smells wonderful too, just in time for Sunday tea!